Kitchen Splashback Options for Your Modern Kitchen

Mar 27, 2020 | Blog

One important feature of the modern kitchen is the splashbacks that protect the walls above the sink, benchtops and stove. Splashbacks allow you to wipe food splatter from their surfaces that may otherwise, stain the walls if you do not install them. Today, there are attractive, durable options for these elements and certain ones may surprise you. You just need to be certain to select one that complements the modern decor of your kitchen in an eye-pleasing, functional manner. Below we provide you with a number of different kitchen splashback options for your consideration.

  1. Glass Splashbacks on the Walls One exciting choice for splashbacks today is various types and colours of glass for splashbacks. You can just install clear ones on a painted wall and allow the wall colour to show through, or various shades of glass are available to complement the colour of your kitchen and benchtops. Glass is heat resistant and easy to clean. If you mar or break a section of it, professionals can replace the one piece without disrupting the rest of the pieces. All sizes and shapes also are possible in this material.
  2. Windows An innovative idea that you may consider if your kitchen allows for it, is to install windows above your benchtops or other work areas. If you kitchen is on an outer wall, this will enable you to view your garden, trees and yard while you prepare and consume your meals and snacks. Since the windows are of glass, these splashbacks offer the same advantages as those in the first section of this list.
  3. Stainless Steel When your kitchen is completely in the modern style, stainless steel splashbacks may be the ideal wall protection for your kitchen. This is especially true if your benchtops are also stainless steel. A metallic surface such as this one is heat, scratch and moisture resistance along with being easy to clean and maintain over the years. In addition, there are various patterns of stainless, including tiles, brushed sheets and artistic renderings in different shapes and sizes.
  4. Subway Tiles Another choice you may consider for splashbacks is installing subway tiles. The tiles come in a wide assortment of colours and sizes, and you can further enhance their look by choosing a complementary grout colour.Haus Residential provides you design assistance for your entire kitchen project, including which of the kitchen splashback options is ideal for your modern kitchen. After the design phase, we construct and install all the elements to make your project come to fruition in a satisfactory, quality manner.