A Simple Guide to Wardrobes and Cabinets for Your Bedroom

A Simple Guide to Wardrobes and Cabinets for Your Bedroom

Mar 27, 2020 | Blog

Sufficient storage in a bedroom is a necessity for organisational purposes. Otherwise, you will not have enough places to store all your belongings, and this may lead to clutter in the bedroom. An effective way to install additional storage in a bedroom is with a custom wardrobe and maybe some cabinets. With this extra storage, your bedroom will once again be neat and tidy.

The Benefits of Custom Wardrobes

While closets are constructed into the wall, wardrobes are freestanding units on the exterior of the wall. You can configure these units to suit your specific needs, which is a major benefit of selecting custom units. Usually, they will contain at least one hanging rack, a few shelves and possibly some drawers. For your bedroom, though, you may desire two hanging racks with one above the other one. The top racks for shirts and the bottom for suits. In addition, you might centre the racks in order to install shelves on both sides, but only halfway down from the ceiling, and underneath these shelves, you can place two or three drawers. You also will be able to select the materials and finishes that go into creating your particular unit.

Advantages of Custom Cabinetry

You may require a couple of custom cabinets instead of a wardrobe for your additional storage in your bedroom. One advantage to this type of cabinetry is that you can select drawers, shelves or a combination of both for inclusion in your units. With such flexibility in design, you will wind up with cabinetry that fits your needs perfectly instead of lacking one feature or another.

Custom cabinetry comes in whatever height you desire it to be for your storage needs. If you select a short height similar to that of the kitchen or bathroom cabinetry, you can add a marble, granite or other type of countertop to provide you with display space, or a place to set your jewellery case or other personal items.

Only Trust a Professional for Your Custom Storage Solutions

Search out a professional who specialises in custom wardrobes and cabinetry to design, construct and install your storage units for you. By seeking out a company that has years of experience in custom joinery, you will ensure that all your units are high quality to last for years. You will receive a satisfactory return on your investment this way.

Haus Residential is one such professional company that has specialised in custom joinery projects for more than 30 years. We design, construct and install custom wardrobes, cabinetry, vanities, kitchens, laundries and other items. Our colour selection offers quality products from well-known companies, such as Hafele, Blum, Polytech, Laminex and others. In addition, we only include quality materials, parts and labour in each project we perform for you. Consult with us today about your needs for a custom wardrobe or high-quality cabinets.