Simple Bathroom Vanities to Maximise Your Bathroom Space

Simple Bathroom Vanities to Maximise Your Bathroom Space

Mar 27, 2020 | Blog

The goal of a bathroom design should be to maximise the use of the available space in the best possible manner whilst still creating a highly functional room. Bathroom vanities are one of the focal points of bathrooms today and can be space hogs or space saving depending on their design. We have some suggestions below to help you.

The Shape of the Sink May Be the Key

At times, the shape of your sink is the key to your design success with your bathroom. For example, a vanity with a rectangular or oval sink may be narrower than one with a round sink. Small bathrooms will benefit from as narrow of a vanity as possible, whereas, large bathrooms can handle a wider one.

Single-Sink Options

Vanities for bathrooms come in single-sink options for those who do not require or have the space for a double-sink design. The sink can be in the centre or offset to one side. Workspace on this type of vanity may be minimal or generous depending on the overall cabinet dimensions. Often times, a homeowner will select a single-sink option for family or guest bathroom instead of the master bathroom.

Double-Sink Options

When you are outfitting a master bathroom, you may prefer a double-sink option in a vanity since it will provide you and your spouse the ability to utilise the sinks at the same time. With this option, you not only receive two sinks, but also adequate countertop workspace for your toiletries, hairdryer and other grooming supplies. All sink shapes are available with these bathroom vanities.

You Can Select Semi-Recessed, Recessed or Raised Sinks

As you select your vanity, you will be asked to select between a semi-recessed, recessed or raised sink. The choice is up to you since the difference is aesthetic not functional. Raised sinks sit on top of the vanity. Only a portion of the sink is above the countertop with the semi-recessed, and the recessed sink is almost flush with the countertop of the vanity.

Is an On-Floor or Off-Floor Style Right for You?

The last decision to make with a bathroom vanity is if you prefer the on-floor or the off-floor style. With a small space, the off-floor style will provide the illusion of additional floor space while the on-floor is ideal for larger bathrooms where this is not a goal.

Haus Residential Pty Ltd. guides you through all these choices when you turn to us for custom joinery services. We design, build and install all types of bathroom vanities as part of our business. When you purchase a vanity and sink from us, you can do so with the confidence that you will receive only top quality items.